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Pasta Surprise

2 cup macaroni
2 tbsp margarine
1 pkg Hillshire cheddar brats or kielbasa
2 (16oz)pkgs of mixed shredded cheese
1 can mushrooms
1 tbsp oil

Boil water in 2-quart pan.  Add macaroni and oil.  Stir to prevent sticking.
Slice cheddar brats or kielbasa thinly.  Once macaroni is cooked to taste, drain and
add margarine to pasta, add mushrooms.  Grease large casserole dish to prevent sticking.  
Layer macaroni, alternate with slices of cheddar brat or kielbasa.  Sprinkle generously
each layer with cheese.  Top with layer of macaroni, sprinkle cheese and sprinkle with
garlic salt if desired.  Bake at 350* till golden or to taste.